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SNEAK PEEK!  2016 Conference Notebook


Does your company contract out Resident Service Coordinators to sites that can't support an in-house RSC?  If so, check this out!


18th Annual NERSC, Inc. Conference

Making the Difference:  Championing for Our Residents
Marriott Hartford Downtown
 Hartford, Connecticut
May 4-6, 2016


Meet the 2016 NERSC Conference Planning Committee! 


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NERSC and Resident Service Coordination

As the premier source of training and professional development for Resident Service Coordinators in New England and beyond, NERSC represents over 400 RSC’s and housing professionals.  Our primary function is to honor our commitment to expanding and enhancing the profession of Service Coordination by convening for a 2.5 day professional conference every year, in early May. Through education and training, our Annual Conference provides an opportunity for Resident Service Coordinators and other property management professionals to come together, share valuable ideas and experience, and stay informed about the latest trends in serving residents in affordable housing.  

The NERSC Board of Directors guides the organization and provides regional leadership on important issues pertaining to ‘best practice’ in resident services. The NERSC Conference Planning Committee is made up of an exceptional team of RSC’s from the 6 New England states, who generously donate their time to work year-round to make the Annual Conference an excellent opportunity for fellow professionals to receive training of the highest quality. NERSC is a 501-C3 non-profit organization. We welcome newcomers and RSC’s who are seeking training from outside of New England too! Please join us in May 4-6, 2016 to celebrate the 18th Annual Conference of NERSC, Inc. in Hartford, Connecticut.


"NERSC is PPI’s “go to” partner in promoting and supporting the RSC profession via its commitment to education and training. The annual NERSC conference provides high quality workshops specific to the business of Resident Services in affordable housing. RSCs are able to earn continuing education credits related to professional licenses and HUD RSC certification, and learn about regulatory updates, grant funding opportunities, and more. 

It is also a forum for seasoned Resident Services professionals to share best practices with industry colleagues. In short, it’s a good value and staff come back with an array of skills, contacts, and program ideas that provide added-value to the property and benefit to our on-site Management Teams and residents year round.”  

- Doreen Bushashia, President of Peabody Resident Services, Inc.


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